American Brutus


DATES: December 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th

TIME: Curtain rises at 7:00pm for all evening performances and 2:00pm on the Saturday and Sunday matinées.

LOCATION: Ivy Tech Auditorium
300 N 17th St, Noblesville, IN 46060
(Come to Door 1, off 17th Street)

NOTE: All audience members are required to wear a face covering. Temperature checks will be administered at the door. Ticket sales are capped at 25% house capacity to allow for ample social distancing.

COST: $12 per adult. $8 per child ages 4-12.
Children 3 and younger are FREE.
See “Tickets” below to reserve seats online.

Ticket Purchase

Even though the live performances have concluded, you still have a chance to catch up on the action! You can purchase American Brutus for at home viewing at Vimeo On Demand. Click the link below for the opportunity to view this unique show.

Plot Summary

For the first time ever, The Attic brings an original drama to the stage. American Brutus chronicles the last two years in the life of infamous assassin John Wilkes Booth, revealing the man behind the dreadful deed: a successful actor, hopeless romantic, and popular celebrity – a passionate young man set adrift in the most tumultuous era of American history.


This will be the fourth time Ian Hauer has directed a show for The Attic. He previously directed Our Town, The Music Man (with Rebecca Roy), and And Then There Were None. He has also performed in several Attic plays, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Bottom), Hamlet (Claudius), Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere), The Importance of Being Earnest (Jack Worthing), and Arsenic and Old Lace (Mortimer Brewster). Prior to his involvement with The Attic, he served as Executive Director of Smorgasbord Studios, an Evansville-based youth theatre. He serves as a board member of The Duck Creek Center for the Arts, drives a Chevy Cobalt named Rudy, and earns his living as a harried peon of state government. American Brutus is the first of his plays to be staged.

Playwright’s Note

John Wilkes Booth was an actor who shot the President. This is as much as most people know, but there is more to the man. Booth was the premier celebrity of his day—a household name. He was dashing, witty, and intelligent. His letters and notes reveal more than a deranged partisan; he saw himself as a patriot and a martyr, and he was heartbroken when he saw the newspapers treating him as a “common killer.” His life was full of incredible coincidences. He was present at Lincoln’s second inaugural because his secret fiance got an extra ticket from her father, an abolitionist senator. He started an oil business. He smuggled medicine into Louisiana. His brother saved the President’s son. After the assassination, he escaped, in part, because newspaper editors wouldn’t label him the killer, thinking it too absurd. Instead, authorities were said to be looking for a man “that looks like John Wilkes Booth.”

Booth certainly wasn’t the hero he believed himself to be, but he was human. We make no apology for him, but we do seek to understand him. Our tendency to mythologize figures of the past muddies the waters. We build our American pantheon and force supporting characters into the story accordingly. We demand religion, not history. But what drives a succesful, charming, talented celebrity to such an action? Why would Booth kill the President of the United States? He was in his mid-20s, engaged to be married, and at the pinnacle of his career. Why did he descend? What led him to become the American Brutus?


John Wilkes Booth | Joshua Blair
Lucy Lambert Hale | Emily Hauer
Lewis Powell | Adam M. Fike
Andrew Hale | Brock Worrell
David Herold | Jerrod D. Burris
Asia Booth Clarke | Haley Dick
Abraham Lincoln | John Hardacre
Mary Todd Lincoln | Lauren Taylor
Anne O’Laughlen | Madison Beaty
George Atzerodt | Caleb Chance
Mary Surratt | Karyn Dekker
Edwin Booth | Mark V. Hawkins
Elizabeth Hale | Katie Mayhill
Mrs. Hale | Kristin Hilger
Thomas Mears | Jaron Hilger
Senator John P. Hale | Brad Staggs
Tad Lincoln| Elijah Oetjen
Clara Harris | Tabby Jackson
Sgt. Corbett | Isaiah Oetjen
Maggie | Jenna Hobson
Deputy Lantzer | Eric Bowman
Judge Woodard | Rajan Desai
Lt. Doherty | Steve Stone
Mrs. Mountchessington | Sara Wood
Virginia | Ruby Burris
Sarah | Bethany Worrell
Celia | Kelsey Montgomery
Kitty | Zoe Pointer
Nellie | Edan Solverson
Caroline | Angela Oetjen
Julia | Anna Mayhill
Eleanor | Caroline Stone
Private Boyd | Eli Burris


Assistant Director | Joshua J. Dekker
Stage Manager | Jennifer Luczywo
Asst. Stage Manager | Kendall Montgomery
Asst. Stage Manager | Laurissa Gordon
Set Design | Rebecca Roy
Costume Design| Haley Dick
Lighting Design | Jason Montgomery
Lighting Consultant | Adam Fike
Sound Design | Dane Stahlhut
Sound Operation | James Dekker
Hair & Makeup Manager | Beth Fike
Properties Manager | Elizabeth Vos
House Manager | Bill Smith